BRITOMU – Bridges to Muslims

An Initiative of Dr. Andreas Maurer

  • There are greater opportunities for contact between Christians and Muslims
  • Muslims know very little about the Christian faith
  • Muslims have objections to Christian teaching
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Conflicts take place because…

  • Christians avoid Muslims due to fear (caused by lack of knowledge) and do not interact with them;
  • Christians are prejudiced in their views towards Muslims and do not understand their culture and the Islamic faith;
  • Muslims misunderstand Christianity and Christians rarely take the opportunity to introduce Muslims to the GOOD NEWS.

Consequences being that…

  • Christians are hesitant about approaching Muslims and demonstrating God’s love to them.
  • Muslims misinterpret the Christian message and choose not to follow Christ.
  • Muslims who are interested in Christianity, or who have questions find that many Christian churches are not able to give them the support they need.

BRITOMU aims to build bridges by:

  • Dispelling fear of Muslims.
  • Approaching Muslims in an effective way and being able to communicate with them.
  • Learning about the Islamic faith and understanding the Muslim way of thinking.
  • Taking the initiative in making initial contact and encouraging further discussion.
  • Learning more about the Bible and being better able to explain biblical truths to Muslims.
  • Forming special task groups in churches.

Target groups

  • Church leaders
  • Christian schools and institutes
  • People working in the service industry
  • Christian individuals