Power Point presentations with book table
Length: 50-70 minutes plus 30-minute question and answer session

Content and aims

  • An introduction to the origins of Islam: Mohammed, Qur’an and Schari’a;
  • An overview of the various facets of Islam;
  • Comparisons between Christianity and Islam;
  • Answers to Islamic objections;
  • Encouragement to approach Muslims;
  • Equipping Christians with practical skills for interactions with Muslims;
  • Information on current issues relating to Muslims: minarets, headscarves, etc;
  • Recommendations on reading material.

Lecture titles

  • ‘ISLAM - Threat or challenge?’
  • Christians encounter Muslims in daily life
  • God loves Muslims too
  • ISLAM in Europe – Threat or Opportunity?

Spiritual Inputs

Inputs are also suitable for Sunday sermons: Discovering God’s message to us by looking at the lives of biblical characters; a comparison of Islam and Christianity.


  • Abraham – Friend of God – Genesis 22:1-13
  • Cornelius – akin to a religious Muslim? – Acts 10

Further lectures and inputs on specific topics by arrangement.